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What to Look For In Recruitment Process and  The Sure Benefits of A Quality Workforce

The customer service is definitely one of the things that clients will remember about their interaction with your business. As a business owner, you may not always be able to interact with all clients, but your staff does.

As such, enough emphasis cannot be placed on how important it is for a business to invest in a quality workforce. Your employees can truly make or break your business.

Expertise and experience

In the recruitment process, ever company should select and hire persons with the relevant expertise and experience that would add value to the company and help meet its goals and objectives.  It would be quite a PR disaster if customers are always complaining about the incompetency of your staff.

More likely than not, clients will choose to take their business elsewhere if they cannot trust your staff to provide the professional service that brought them to our door. This poses a threat to your business because, instead of growing, your client base will actually be facing a big trim.

Personal demeanor

This is definitely an area that most employers leave out when hiring staff. Companies operating in service-based industries can appreciate just how costly a mistake this can be.

For businesses operating in a niche where constant interaction with the clientele is necessary, special attention must be paid during the recruitment process.  Employees with no social skills and lacking in charisma may be a put off to most customers who have to interact with them on the regular. It is not uncommon for clients to call and ask that certain employees should not be a part of the team attending to their specific service request.

The testimonials and reviews of Metro Synthetic Turf in Perth is a sure testament of what having a great workforce can do for your business. Customers are always commending the professionally courteous conduct of the employees for every job. The staff is also friendly to the customers and always willing to assist with any enquiries and offer advice. With such a dynamic team, the company enjoys the benefits of a strong referral program and the business is fast growing to become an industry leader.

Every other company also stands to enjoy these benefits if it invests in recruiting the right talents and continually developing their skills through training course, mentorship and employee workshops.  Quality labor may not come cheap, but the immediate and long-term returns on this investment more than justify a company’s expenditure on a great workforce.

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The Fundamentals of Starting a Sweeping Services Company

Before you consider venturing into a street sweeping business in Perth, it is important to first determine how many competitors you will have. If the competitors are not so many or very powerful, or if the market available is large enough to accommodate more sweeping services companies, then you can go ahead.

Otherwise you will have to offer exceptional sweeping services in order to survive in the business. After a careful assessment of your competitors, you can proceed to the next step which is seeking advice from someone who is already in street sweeping business. Note however, that you cannot ask advice from your competitors. Chances are they will thoroughly mislead you, or discourage you.

Find an entrepreneur who is doing well in the business and they will give you sincere advice, if they discover that you are not a potential competitor. The next step is getting guidelines from the local authority in Perth which regulates such businesses. Having the right license will save you a lot of trouble with the local government. If your license application is approved, you can ten locate a place where your office will be situated.

Hot To Get workers for your Street Sweeping Business
It is always good to hire workers from around the area of your business, mostly for familiarity and easy access. This will also establish a good relationship between your business and the locals. Hiring locals is also the first step in marketing your business because they are the people who understand that area. They also need to keep their job and will always refer your business to companies or corporate that might need the sweeping services.

How To Manage A Street Sweeping Business in Perth
It is important to realize that the success of your street sweeping business will greatly depend in the fact whether you choose to buy a franchise or if you decide on going at it alone. Carefully determine whether the franchise available in your space will make your entering into the new business easier. The other important factor that will determine the success of your business is how you market it. Street sweeping business in Perth greatly rely on referrals, so you should focus on providing very exceptional services to your first customers and in time, you might start getting contract offers from the local government. Always make sure that you fill out every available tenders regarding street cleaning.

How To Expand Your Street Sweeping Business
Business expansion always require either an increase in the investment capitals, or a partnership. Carefully consider these two options and settle for the best to suit you, and if necessary, consult from business advisers so that you can make the right decision. You can also opt to cover more areas other than Perth, if you have enough resources. In any case, by the time get the idea of expanding your business, it is obvious that you are doing well in Perth. However, you must consider all the points stated above even when expanding your business into new areas, although by now you should be very conversant with the market.


Timely Delivery As A Prelude To Great Customer Experience in Inflatable Hire

A common pain point when it comes to customer experience when dealing with bouncing castle hire companies has always been untimely delivery and pick up. Many clients have to contend with this disappointing experience on what may be an otherwise great day.
Be it few minutes or longer, delays by bouncing castle hire companies mar the while experience and can, in some cases be quite an expensive inconvenience.
By ensuring timely deliveries, the company’s clients get to have a great experience from the get-go. Many invited guests make an effort to get to the venue of an event on time, bubbling with the excitement of all the fun that is in store at the birthday party, school fair or any other such event. Getting there only to be forced to wait for longer for the entertainment to arrive is a downer and can drastically change the atmosphere of the event. No longer will the chatter be about the wonderful day expected ahead, but about how disappointed everyone is at the turn of events.
In order to save face after a late delivery, it is not uncommon to have the technicians setting up the bouncing castles as they try rushing against time. In the madness and frenzy that comes with rushing, avoidable mistakes may be committed when setting up. These mistakes may compromise the safety standards outlined for the set-up process, and may jeopardize the safety and health of the patrons playing on the bounce castles. For example, the technicians may not use enough anchors and pegs to hold down the jumping castles well. This inflatable is at a greater risk of toppling over under the stress of intense play activity inside or being swept away by gushes of winds.
For an event slated to last for 6 hours, and the bouncing castle company is late in making delivery for an hour, it means that the event will take an our shorter if the original timelines are to be strictly observed. This is, of course, undesirable and the event organizers and guests alike will be equally displeased. By making a late delivery, the company will deny everyone at the event enough time to go about all that had been carefully planned for that time.
Not everyone may have a backyard big enough to comfortably accommodate fully inflated play items and provide the requisite minimum clearance for safety. The other available option is always to hire a venue or location for the event. For most venues, clients pay an hourly rate for the venue and its facilities. This amount is carefully planned and budgeted for when organizing the event. A late delivery means that the organizers will have to pay for time not well utilized. Similarly, if the organizers decide to let the even run for longer to compensate for the time lost waiting for the delivery and set-up, then they will have to fork out more money to cover the extra time. This can be quite expensive and a real strain on the budget allocated for the event.
For every scenario, what is definite is that late delivery ultimately translates to a bad customer experience. People share their negative experiences with other potential customers just as much as they do the good experiences. Negative reviews present a damning PR mess that every business is better off without.
For bouncing castle hire businesses looking to cultivate a great relationship with clients, providing an excellent customer experience with timely deliveries is a great place to start. Showing up on time says the company values and respects their clients’ time, who, in turn, will be more than happy to come back again and refer the company to others.


Ambiance Design With Artificial Grass For Exceptional Customer Experience

Ambiance design is a great part of how customers experience the service in any commercial setting. Whether it’s a restaurant, a retail store, an office or at the doctors’, the ambiance can be a great influencer on customer attitude and behavior.

The environment can subtly influence a potential client to either go through with initiating interactions with a business or simply walk away. Physical ambiance design elements which the customer can see will do so much to make or break customer experience.

Artificial grass in outdoor landscaping and indoor decorations is perfect for creating a great ambiance in any business. Investing in synthetic turf made from the latest technology that gives it a more natural look and feel will help any business in its ambiance design efforts directed towards attracting clients and making those who walk through the doors feel most comfortable.
For starters, a pristine looking lawn out front communicates of the company’s commitment to polishing its brand. From the onset, customers are made to feel that the company cares about potential clients’ first impression of the business. Additionally, for most customers, the common assumption is always that if the company is keen to invest in taking care of their landscaping needs, then they will more than likely pay even better attention to their more valued asset, which is the customer.

Customers will go in with an open mind and a realistic expectation of great service. If it were otherwise, and the first encounter with the business was marred with the image of an unkempt and neglected exterior, many clients would go in with a bad attitude and in an irritable mood. Such clients will snap at the slightest excuse and the business’ efforts at providing a great customer experience would not be readily received, owing to the preconceptions and bias formed from the first impression.
Today, interior décor experts can do so much with artificial grass to completely change any indoor space. A fake grass carpet at the reception, bright green fake grass wall decorations, display stands lined with some synthetic turf, showrooms with artificial grass flooring for that outdoor look and several other different ideas will do a great job at making any indoor space serene, warm and very welcoming. Other ambiance design ideas such as special lighting and furniture arrangement will complement these incredible ideas.

Such an environment will have clients indulging in some impulsive buying, coming back for repeat business. The business’ customer service reps will have an easy time because a great impression has already been imprinted in the mind of each customer, making them very receptive.

Before clients can interact with any of the staff, and more so, from the customer service department, the ambience plays a great role in molding their attitudes, which greatly influences buying decisions. Artificial grass is a versatile product with diverse applications in ambiance design that any business can greatly benefit from, in addition to many other benefits outside the scope of ambiance design.

Working in office situation

Complimenting Booking Software With A Personal Touch

A fast, easy and straightforward booking makes for a great customer experience. A system where customers can make their own booking at their most convenient time and from any location is always most ideal.
This may seem as common knowledge but there are companies that use a system where customers fill out their details in a form and the company makes the necessary bookings. It works fine, but is not the most convenient option for all parties.

Even for self-use and easy-to-use booking software, the human element adds to a better customer experience even in such an automated process. Customer service representative s are a great asset when it comes to follow up after clients make their booking.

Examining the example of a tour and travel company with a great online booking system, the reps will surely come in handy after the booking is finalized. Some clients, due to their busy lifestyles and other commitments may even forget about booking for a trip or tour. The responsibility to send out professional, yet friendly reminders through email, SMS or voice calls falls to the customer service reps. After forgetting the date and missing out on the booked trip, clients have been known to blame the company for complacency and demand for the refund of any payments made. As is well known in the customer service circles, the customer is always right, making it better to prevent such a crisis than having to deal with the retribution over the same later.

Again, the customer care team can show some initiative and be proactive in providing relevant feedback. The trip dates have been confirmed, but what else do the clients need to know? How is the weather going to be like? Should the clients carry heavy or light clothing? What are the exact departure times and expected times of arrival (ETA)? All these questions may help the clients plan better for the trip ahead, summing to a great experience during the planning process and even later during the actual trip.
Successfully booking for a trip is not the end of the planning process. The clients may have some follow up questions that will require the full attention of the customer care representatives of the company.
The tours and travel company scenario is just but an example but the reality remains that every business using booking software for its operations needs to infuse the human element for a more satisfactory customer experience. Automated booking systems are great, but with some human input, everything can run much more smoothly for clients.


Carving Out A Competitive Edge With Warranties

Today’s customer conducts extensive research before making an informed buying decision. One of the key areas of interest is the warranty provided by the business. Every potential customer wants to get value for their money, and a guarantee that what they spend on will last and that if the product fails, they can readily reach out to the company for support.

With a great warranty management strategy, the warranty can be mutually beneficial for both buyer and seller in the highlighted aspects.

Improved Customer Confidence
Warranties are a great selling point and can attract new clients. A comprehensive warranty communicates to the customer of the company’s willingness to guarantee its products which will instill confidence in the product and process for the customer.

The conscious customer will pass on the opportunity to buy a product or hire a service from a company simply because it does not provide a warranty. Another company offering the same product quality at the same price, or even slightly higher price will definitely get the customers attention, because that is how powerful a marketing tool warranties are in today’s market place. This surely gives a company a competitive edge in a flooded industry.

A great warranty claims processing experience also improves customer confidence and encourages repeat business. Satisfied customers will also be more willing to refer the company to friends and family, with the confidence that they will have an equally great experience working with the company.

Protection for Both Parties
Clearly spelling out the details on the warranty will protect both buyer and seller when it comes to claim processing. What is covered? What is not? How long is the cover period? Both parties get into a business relationship fully aware of the others’ expectation of them and extent of their legal mutual obligations.

By offering great warranties and implementing an excellent warranty management program, companies like Metro Synthetic Turf  and Perth Artificial Grass are fast expanding their client base and working to ensure that customers get the best protection. The period covered in the warranty also affords the company an edge over some competitors in the industry who offer shorter cover periods in their warranty. Clients commit to conducting business with the company with the confidence that the warranty covers many areas including premature wear and product degradation due to poor materials, UV exposure and poor workmanship.

Companies in the competitive artificial grass industry and every other sector stand to benefit greatly from a proper warranty management strategy. The knowledge that the company will provide cover for product failure inspires confidence and loyalty in every company’s greatest asset; the customer.

How to Best Handle Customers

How to Best Handle Customers When Inventory Status Fails

Businesses with e-commerce platforms, big or small, often find themselves with the challenge of inventory status and stock auto-updating.  More often than not, it is a malfunction of the inventory management software, but whatever the cause it presents a great challenge.

Customers may shop around online, going as far as identifying a product they would like to purchase and adding to their shopping cart only to be disappointed at the final stage when checking out. Customer support staff should be equipped to professionally handle this unfortunate scenario, and to the client’s satisfaction.

One way to pacify such a disappointed and probably disgruntled customer is to offer an alternative that is available in stock. The customer care rep can look against the features of the chosen product and find similar products for the client to choose from.  Many clients would be willing to go for an alternative after a clear explanation of the value the product adds and why it’s equally suited for a specific application. Customers will appreciate the assistance and depending on how the customer service rep plays out the whole interaction, it can turn out to be a great plus for the business. Finding a perfect substitute with the customer reps assistance also takes away the hassle of having to shop elsewhere for customers.

The customer is always right. And if the customer insists on having that specific product and would not go for an alternative, pressing even further would only injure an already bad situation. In such a case, the best course of action for a customer support team member would be to offer a courteous apology and offer to get in touch with the client once the item is back in stock. Most clients would be unwilling to keep checking back themselves but are quite receptive to the idea of receiving a notification once a particular product is back in stock.

Up to 50% of online shoppers who experience inventory status problems never go back to the site. This can put a stain on sales, not to mention the PR damage that would accompany such customers sharing their experience with others.

Investing in a reliable real-time inventor management system is always great for any business.  The reality however, remains that glitches and malfunctions can happen anytime, which calls for a great contingency plan. In such cases, the best contingency plan is a great customer support team that will help cushion the business from any backlash arising from such an eventuality.


Constructive Dialogue For Great Client Experience In The Construction industry

True to word, every business is only as strong as its customer base.  And that is why ensuring a great customer experience is pivotal to the success of a business.  In the construction industry, alongside related companies such as landscaping, painting and other improvement trades, one of the most important keys to retaining and growing the clientele lies in improving communication and enhancing collaborative efforts with the clients.

Clients usually have a picture in mind of what the final project should look like before engaging a contractor. They look forward to the close of the project expecting a finished project that is as close to this picture as is possible.  This picture is exactly what the contractor should always keep in mind, right from the moment the project is initiated. It certainly makes perfect sense, does it not?

Most contractors, however, take it upon themselves to decide what should be done and what should not.  Given that that the contractor is the party with the technical expertise and experience, the company is under legal obligation to do just that.

How then can contractors strike the balance between the two and ensure a great experience for their clients?  Communication is definitely the key. The contractor should always listen and pay attention to the clients’ specific needs for each project. After fully understanding a client’s needs, the contractor can then apply their technical know-how in helping the client get the best of every project.

With candid dialogue and particularly where the contractor pitches ideas and modifications to the original proposition in a polite, easy-to-understand layman fashion, most clients would be open to implementing these changes.  Every client wants to be a part of the process, regardless of the scale of the project, big or small.   It is a fulfilling experience for the clients when they have an active voice in the project implementation process.

In addition, contractors have found that collaborating closely with clients throughout the project comes in handy in the unfortunate event that something does go wrong.  Most clients will be more inclined to accept partial responsibility for anything that fails to meet their standards because they did have a say in the entire process.

While customer relationship management software have taken  over, contractors who take a personalized approach to this crucial area by effectively communicating with clients in open dialogues and attaching value to their opinions generally thrive and enjoy a loyal clientele.  The client may always be right, but to be able to fully deliver, the contractor must always first understand those needs and inject expertise to add value to ever y project.

Improving Customer Experience With A Knowledgeable Customer Service Team

Customers agree that t interacting with a customer care rep that is knowledgeable factors into having a great experience. Customers want to deal with staff members that are information-aware, which is why every business should embark on providing relevant training for its employees in the customer support team.

Interacting with a customer service rep that can provide accurate and relevant information concerning products and services on offer instills a confidence in customers. The reality however is a truly grim picture. It is not uncommon to see said reps furiously typing away and searching for information as customers stand in line or wait on the phone. Even more unfortunate is when a company’s customer staff member is struggling even with the FAQs. Such a customer would be excused and even justified for their reluctance in coming back to the business.

Businesses such as artificial grass companies have found that the level of information-awareness and product knowledge that their customer reps project influence client attitudes and ultimately sales volumes. With so many varieties to choose from, clients appreciate a customer service team with an in-depth knowledge of each, clearly highlighting the benefits of one over the other and the ability to make recommendation backed by an understanding of product features.

A customer service rep that is information aware is also in a better position to identify and match products with a particular client’s needs. In addition, the agent can personalize every interaction with a client if they have knowledge of previous transactions the client has had with the business. It is always a pleasant experience when a company can appreciate a client’s continued loyalty and even thank the client for specific transactions.

Customers are a rational lot and would understand the need to refer to a superior over certain enquiries. What is unsettling, and it is definitely bad for business has to wait every other time to speak to a supervisor over issues that the customer service rep should have a knowledge and clear  understanding of to better serve customers.

Information aware customer service agents have much lesser handling times and serve more clients on a typical work day compared to their counterparts who are not as versed.  This helps in avoiding or at least reducing any build-up of frustrated clients awaiting feedback.

Up to 98% of customers in several surveys say that engaging with a knowledgeable customer care agent is crucial to an excellent customer experience. It is a quality that cannot be neglected as it is crucial to the satisfaction of the business’ greatest asset, which is the client.

Live Chat tips for customer support

Live Chat For Excellent Customer Experience

Statistics show that live chat is the most preferred customer service channel; at a distant lead over email feedback and phone follow ups among other channels. It serves for a great customer experience and as it goes, happy clients make for loyal clients, translating to mutual benefits for both the clients and the business.

Marketing companies and just about any business looking to meet its sales and marketing objectives should incorporate live chat on their websites as it has proven to work remarkably well. With live chat, businesses have recorded a surge of up 200% increase in lead generation and conversions, even as more and more customers assert that they would do repeat transactions with a business following a satisfying live chat experience.

What value then, does live chat on our website add for the ultimate customer experience?

Instantaneous and Personalized Response

It’s a busy world, and being put on hold or waiting by the phone for a response can be quite frustrating, to say the least. With live chat, customers can get a hold of a service and support representative that will provide all relevant information instantly.

Marketers can appreciate the value of time when it comes to responding to customer enquiries on products and services and the significant impact on lead conversions and closing sales. This definitely gives any business an edge over the competition that are yet to embrace the same.

Aggressive and tech-savvy business owners have also integrated live chat with other CRM software and tools. This means that the customer rep can access a client’s details   from previous transactions which will help in saving time and providing a customer experience tailored perfectly for that particular client.

Engaging Feedback

Automated and near-robotic responses as is characteristic of some email responses are quite off putting for most customers. These often lack depth as far as addressing specifics. With live chat, customers get to interact with customer reps in a warm and most engaging exchange. Customers also get to ask follow up questions and receive timely and relevant responses in the same session.  The level of engagement in live chat comes second only to an actual face-to-face interaction.

Great customer experience makes for an excellent marketing tool in itself. Live chat scores big on customer satisfaction rates that will help a business in growing its customer base.  Live chat is feature-rich and a worthy investment with great benefits for customer and company alike.

Here is a video that can also give you some tips about Live Chat For Excellent Customer Experience