Carving Out A Competitive Edge With Warranties

Today’s customer conducts extensive research before making an informed buying decision. One of the key areas of interest is the warranty provided by the business. Every potential customer wants to get value for their money, and a guarantee that what they spend on will last and that if the product fails, they can readily reach out to the company for support.

With a great warranty management strategy, the warranty can be mutually beneficial for both buyer and seller in the highlighted aspects.

Improved Customer Confidence
Warranties are a great selling point and can attract new clients. A comprehensive warranty communicates to the customer of the company’s willingness to guarantee its products which will instill confidence in the product and process for the customer.

The conscious customer will pass on the opportunity to buy a product or hire a service from a company simply because it does not provide a warranty. Another company offering the same product quality at the same price, or even slightly higher price will definitely get the customers attention, because that is how powerful a marketing tool warranties are in today’s market place. This surely gives a company a competitive edge in a flooded industry.

A great warranty claims processing experience also improves customer confidence and encourages repeat business. Satisfied customers will also be more willing to refer the company to friends and family, with the confidence that they will have an equally great experience working with the company.

Protection for Both Parties
Clearly spelling out the details on the warranty will protect both buyer and seller when it comes to claim processing. What is covered? What is not? How long is the cover period? Both parties get into a business relationship fully aware of the others’ expectation of them and extent of their legal mutual obligations.

By offering great warranties and implementing an excellent warranty management program, companies like Metro Synthetic Turf  and Perth Artificial Grass are fast expanding their client base and working to ensure that customers get the best protection. The period covered in the warranty also affords the company an edge over some competitors in the industry who offer shorter cover periods in their warranty. Clients commit to conducting business with the company with the confidence that the warranty covers many areas including premature wear and product degradation due to poor materials, UV exposure and poor workmanship.

Companies in the competitive artificial grass industry and every other sector stand to benefit greatly from a proper warranty management strategy. The knowledge that the company will provide cover for product failure inspires confidence and loyalty in every company’s greatest asset; the customer.

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