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Complimenting Booking Software With A Personal Touch

A fast, easy and straightforward booking makes for a great customer experience. A system where customers can make their own booking at their most convenient time and from any location is always most ideal.
This may seem as common knowledge but there are companies that use a system where customers fill out their details in a form and the company makes the necessary bookings. It works fine, but is not the most convenient option for all parties.

Even for self-use and easy-to-use booking software, the human element adds to a better customer experience even in such an automated process. Customer service representative s are a great asset when it comes to follow up after clients make their booking.

Examining the example of a tour and travel company with a great online booking system, the reps will surely come in handy after the booking is finalized. Some clients, due to their busy lifestyles and other commitments may even forget about booking for a trip or tour. The responsibility to send out professional, yet friendly reminders through email, SMS or voice calls falls to the customer service reps. After forgetting the date and missing out on the booked trip, clients have been known to blame the company for complacency and demand for the refund of any payments made. As is well known in the customer service circles, the customer is always right, making it better to prevent such a crisis than having to deal with the retribution over the same later.

Again, the customer care team can show some initiative and be proactive in providing relevant feedback. The trip dates have been confirmed, but what else do the clients need to know? How is the weather going to be like? Should the clients carry heavy or light clothing? What are the exact departure times and expected times of arrival (ETA)? All these questions may help the clients plan better for the trip ahead, summing to a great experience during the planning process and even later during the actual trip.
Successfully booking for a trip is not the end of the planning process. The clients may have some follow up questions that will require the full attention of the customer care representatives of the company.
The tours and travel company scenario is just but an example but the reality remains that every business using booking software for its operations needs to infuse the human element for a more satisfactory customer experience. Automated booking systems are great, but with some human input, everything can run much more smoothly for clients.

Improving Customer Experience With A Knowledgeable Customer Service Team

Customers agree that t interacting with a customer care rep that is knowledgeable factors into having a great experience. Customers want to deal with staff members that are information-aware, which is why every business should embark on providing relevant training for its employees in the customer support team.

Interacting with a customer service rep that can provide accurate and relevant information concerning products and services on offer instills a confidence in customers. The reality however is a truly grim picture. It is not uncommon to see said reps furiously typing away and searching for information as customers stand in line or wait on the phone. Even more unfortunate is when a company’s customer staff member is struggling even with the FAQs. Such a customer would be excused and even justified for their reluctance in coming back to the business.

Businesses such as artificial grass companies have found that the level of information-awareness and product knowledge that their customer reps project influence client attitudes and ultimately sales volumes. With so many varieties to choose from, clients appreciate a customer service team with an in-depth knowledge of each, clearly highlighting the benefits of one over the other and the ability to make recommendation backed by an understanding of product features.

A customer service rep that is information aware is also in a better position to identify and match products with a particular client’s needs. In addition, the agent can personalize every interaction with a client if they have knowledge of previous transactions the client has had with the business. It is always a pleasant experience when a company can appreciate a client’s continued loyalty and even thank the client for specific transactions.

Customers are a rational lot and would understand the need to refer to a superior over certain enquiries. What is unsettling, and it is definitely bad for business has to wait every other time to speak to a supervisor over issues that the customer service rep should have a knowledge and clear  understanding of to better serve customers.

Information aware customer service agents have much lesser handling times and serve more clients on a typical work day compared to their counterparts who are not as versed.  This helps in avoiding or at least reducing any build-up of frustrated clients awaiting feedback.

Up to 98% of customers in several surveys say that engaging with a knowledgeable customer care agent is crucial to an excellent customer experience. It is a quality that cannot be neglected as it is crucial to the satisfaction of the business’ greatest asset, which is the client.

Live Chat tips for customer support

Live Chat For Excellent Customer Experience

Statistics show that live chat is the most preferred customer service channel; at a distant lead over email feedback and phone follow ups among other channels. It serves for a great customer experience and as it goes, happy clients make for loyal clients, translating to mutual benefits for both the clients and the business.

Marketing companies and just about any business looking to meet its sales and marketing objectives should incorporate live chat on their websites as it has proven to work remarkably well. With live chat, businesses have recorded a surge of up 200% increase in lead generation and conversions, even as more and more customers assert that they would do repeat transactions with a business following a satisfying live chat experience.

What value then, does live chat on our website add for the ultimate customer experience?

Instantaneous and Personalized Response

It’s a busy world, and being put on hold or waiting by the phone for a response can be quite frustrating, to say the least. With live chat, customers can get a hold of a service and support representative that will provide all relevant information instantly.

Marketers can appreciate the value of time when it comes to responding to customer enquiries on products and services and the significant impact on lead conversions and closing sales. This definitely gives any business an edge over the competition that are yet to embrace the same.

Aggressive and tech-savvy business owners have also integrated live chat with other CRM software and tools. This means that the customer rep can access a client’s details   from previous transactions which will help in saving time and providing a customer experience tailored perfectly for that particular client.

Engaging Feedback

Automated and near-robotic responses as is characteristic of some email responses are quite off putting for most customers. These often lack depth as far as addressing specifics. With live chat, customers get to interact with customer reps in a warm and most engaging exchange. Customers also get to ask follow up questions and receive timely and relevant responses in the same session.  The level of engagement in live chat comes second only to an actual face-to-face interaction.

Great customer experience makes for an excellent marketing tool in itself. Live chat scores big on customer satisfaction rates that will help a business in growing its customer base.  Live chat is feature-rich and a worthy investment with great benefits for customer and company alike.

Here is a video that can also give you some tips about Live Chat For Excellent Customer Experience