How to Best Handle Customers

How to Best Handle Customers When Inventory Status Fails

Businesses with e-commerce platforms, big or small, often find themselves with the challenge of inventory status and stock auto-updating.  More often than not, it is a malfunction of the inventory management software, but whatever the cause it presents a great challenge.

Customers may shop around online, going as far as identifying a product they would like to purchase and adding to their shopping cart only to be disappointed at the final stage when checking out. Customer support staff should be equipped to professionally handle this unfortunate scenario, and to the client’s satisfaction.

One way to pacify such a disappointed and probably disgruntled customer is to offer an alternative that is available in stock. The customer care rep can look against the features of the chosen product and find similar products for the client to choose from.  Many clients would be willing to go for an alternative after a clear explanation of the value the product adds and why it’s equally suited for a specific application. Customers will appreciate the assistance and depending on how the customer service rep plays out the whole interaction, it can turn out to be a great plus for the business. Finding a perfect substitute with the customer reps assistance also takes away the hassle of having to shop elsewhere for customers.

The customer is always right. And if the customer insists on having that specific product and would not go for an alternative, pressing even further would only injure an already bad situation. In such a case, the best course of action for a customer support team member would be to offer a courteous apology and offer to get in touch with the client once the item is back in stock. Most clients would be unwilling to keep checking back themselves but are quite receptive to the idea of receiving a notification once a particular product is back in stock.

Up to 50% of online shoppers who experience inventory status problems never go back to the site. This can put a stain on sales, not to mention the PR damage that would accompany such customers sharing their experience with others.

Investing in a reliable real-time inventor management system is always great for any business.  The reality however, remains that glitches and malfunctions can happen anytime, which calls for a great contingency plan. In such cases, the best contingency plan is a great customer support team that will help cushion the business from any backlash arising from such an eventuality.

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