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Live Chat For Excellent Customer Experience

Statistics show that live chat is the most preferred customer service channel; at a distant lead over email feedback and phone follow ups among other channels. It serves for a great customer experience and as it goes, happy clients make for loyal clients, translating to mutual benefits for both the clients and the business.

Marketing companies and just about any business looking to meet its sales and marketing objectives should incorporate live chat on their websites as it has proven to work remarkably well. With live chat, businesses have recorded a surge of up 200% increase in lead generation and conversions, even as more and more customers assert that they would do repeat transactions with a business following a satisfying live chat experience.

What value then, does live chat on our website add for the ultimate customer experience?

Instantaneous and Personalized Response

It’s a busy world, and being put on hold or waiting by the phone for a response can be quite frustrating, to say the least. With live chat, customers can get a hold of a service and support representative that will provide all relevant information instantly.

Marketers can appreciate the value of time when it comes to responding to customer enquiries on products and services and the significant impact on lead conversions and closing sales. This definitely gives any business an edge over the competition that are yet to embrace the same.

Aggressive and tech-savvy business owners have also integrated live chat with other CRM software and tools. This means that the customer rep can access a client’s details   from previous transactions which will help in saving time and providing a customer experience tailored perfectly for that particular client.

Engaging Feedback

Automated and near-robotic responses as is characteristic of some email responses are quite off putting for most customers. These often lack depth as far as addressing specifics. With live chat, customers get to interact with customer reps in a warm and most engaging exchange. Customers also get to ask follow up questions and receive timely and relevant responses in the same session.  The level of engagement in live chat comes second only to an actual face-to-face interaction.

Great customer experience makes for an excellent marketing tool in itself. Live chat scores big on customer satisfaction rates that will help a business in growing its customer base.  Live chat is feature-rich and a worthy investment with great benefits for customer and company alike.

Here is a video that can also give you some tips about Live Chat For Excellent Customer Experience

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