Timely Delivery As A Prelude To Great Customer Experience in Inflatable Hire

A common pain point when it comes to customer experience when dealing with bouncing castle hire companies has always been untimely delivery and pick up. Many clients have to contend with this disappointing experience on what may be an otherwise great day.
Be it few minutes or longer, delays by bouncing castle hire companies mar the while experience and can, in some cases be quite an expensive inconvenience.
By ensuring timely deliveries, the company’s clients get to have a great experience from the get-go. Many invited guests make an effort to get to the venue of an event on time, bubbling with the excitement of all the fun that is in store at the birthday party, school fair or any other such event. Getting there only to be forced to wait for longer for the entertainment to arrive is a downer and can drastically change the atmosphere of the event. No longer will the chatter be about the wonderful day expected ahead, but about how disappointed everyone is at the turn of events.
In order to save face after a late delivery, it is not uncommon to have the technicians setting up the bouncing castles as they try rushing against time. In the madness and frenzy that comes with rushing, avoidable mistakes may be committed when setting up. These mistakes may compromise the safety standards outlined for the set-up process, and may jeopardize the safety and health of the patrons playing on the bounce castles. For example, the technicians may not use enough anchors and pegs to hold down the jumping castles well. This inflatable is at a greater risk of toppling over under the stress of intense play activity inside or being swept away by gushes of winds.
For an event slated to last for 6 hours, and the bouncing castle company is late in making delivery for an hour, it means that the event will take an our shorter if the original timelines are to be strictly observed. This is, of course, undesirable and the event organizers and guests alike will be equally displeased. By making a late delivery, the company will deny everyone at the event enough time to go about all that had been carefully planned for that time.
Not everyone may have a backyard big enough to comfortably accommodate fully inflated play items and provide the requisite minimum clearance for safety. The other available option is always to hire a venue or location for the event. For most venues, clients pay an hourly rate for the venue and its facilities. This amount is carefully planned and budgeted for when organizing the event. A late delivery means that the organizers will have to pay for time not well utilized. Similarly, if the organizers decide to let the even run for longer to compensate for the time lost waiting for the delivery and set-up, then they will have to fork out more money to cover the extra time. This can be quite expensive and a real strain on the budget allocated for the event.
For every scenario, what is definite is that late delivery ultimately translates to a bad customer experience. People share their negative experiences with other potential customers just as much as they do the good experiences. Negative reviews present a damning PR mess that every business is better off without.
For bouncing castle hire businesses looking to cultivate a great relationship with clients, providing an excellent customer experience with timely deliveries is a great place to start. Showing up on time says the company values and respects their clients’ time, who, in turn, will be more than happy to come back again and refer the company to others.

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